HEPS Fantastic White

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HEPS Fantastic White
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HEPS Fantastic, well stored in a unique plastic cradle folder. The new Magnets system was created for a better hold on the sleeve and decrease wear and tear on the sleeve material.

We promise to you that HEPS FANTASTIC will give you a completely new experience no other masturbator can resemble. This product is even suitable for men who suffer from massive erectile dysfunction. The manufacturer calls HEPS Fantastic a system because of all the vast amount of innovations and features in Kinsey. The overall appearance and design simulates oral system of human. However the ability of Kinsey is beyond the limitation of the human jaw. Kinsey is deeper and opens wider than the human mouth.

Take the ultimate control of your stimulation with HEPS Fantastic Multi-Option System. The System allows you to change the orientation of the rocking plate for four possible sensation style is the default sensation with maximum depth and width, applies a strong pressure at the end with the effect of ejaculation control, simulates a varying sensation of an oral experience and creates a wavy path giving you the end.

In the back on each side is the Magic Hole Air Lock System. Keeping both on will give you 100% vacuum during use. 100% vacuum will give you a realistic suction and sound. 50% vacuum will allows for faster use with some realistic sounds and completely open will give you the benefit of a through hole with fast speed and little sound.

Before use simply apply lotion to the opening. Apply a little pressure 3-5 times to the unit to spread the lotion out. Cleaning isjust as easy. Open both Magic Holes covers and rinse warm water through the mouth and letting the water drain out on the bottom. Allow to air dry.

This is the best oral simulation item we have seen. The material is high quality silicone and is very safe on your skin. Kinsey is currently only available in White and Black with more color options in the future.

To get the most from your toy and stop it from eroding, the HEPS masturbator should only be used with water-based lubricant.

Add a generous helping of renewal powder to the silicone insert to keep it feeling smooth and non-tacky.


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