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Tenga Warmer Stick

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Tenga Warmer Stick
Tenga Warmer Stick
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Experience even more realistic sessions from your TENGA Onacup, Egg or Flip Hole with this warmer. Snap the disc at the bottom of the warmer, wait for it to heat up and crystallize, then slip it into your favourite male masturbator and enjoy!

Discreet Japanese design and amazing ease of use make this the perfect edition to your TENGA toys.

Perfect for warming the inside of any male masturbator, the TENGA Hole Warmer will reach a temperature of up to 50 degrees Celsius and remain warm for up to 20 minutes!

To use:

1. Click the metal disc inside the warmer to activate. The interior liquid will harden and radiate heat.

2. Insert the heated warmer into the opening of your Onacup and warm the inside for around five minutes.

3. Before use, remove the warmer and check the temperature with your hand to make sure that it is comfortable.

4. Enjoy your new, warm, realistic male masturbator!

Designed for use up to 30 times, this reusable warmer goes back to its original liquid state once you have immersed it in boiling water.

Approximately 6 inches in overall length, 1 inch wide and 0.25 inch think.

Note: Tenga Warmer Stick is compatiable with all Japanese Onacups & Onaholes

The Ultra Size edition is designed for larger men who demand more!

Now with a new soft tube, this cup gives you complete control over the tightening sensation. Feeling that suits you, controlled by how tightly or how lightly you grip the cup.

These amazing Onacups (named after 'onanism', which is another name for masturbation) deliver the finest artificial orgasms yet!

Enjoy a wide variety of sensual sensations from rubbing, stroking, pressing, etc.

One remarkable feature is the ability to 'squeeze out' after ejaculation.

Soft tube makes it possible to control the level of tightening.

Round head featuring 29 large and small nubs.

Reversible nubs enable smooth entry, then a superb sense of adhesion as they cling to your penis when you try to pull it out of the cup.

Brushing zone comprises 40 nubs including reversible nubs.

The lotion reservoir keeps the point of insertion in a wet state.

Tightening zone at the entrance.

All TENGAs have lubrication inside. The lubrication consists of: purified water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate, phenoxy ethanol, and paraben (allergy tested in Japan).

* Please note that this is product is designed to be used only once. Use condoms to extend usage.

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